Voice Lessons for Kids!

With kids today performing at very young ages in school productions, choirs, musical theatre productions, singing competitions, choir competitions, America's Got Talent, on TV, Broadway, and film, it has become more important than ever before that kids are provided high quality vocal training so they can sing their best, sing with ease, sing without vocal strain, and remove possibilities for vocal misuse that can result in vocal damage.  After extensive research into children's voices from both the medical and pedagogical perspectives, it has been verified that children under the age of 12 are indeed eligible to study voice, - when working with a highly trained professional who can communicate effectively reliable concepts and training methods that are tailored to meet the child's needs and learning patterns.   So parents, why wait?  Kids today as early as age 5 are finding themselves in challenging vocal situations.  
For more information about Voice Lessons for your child, please contact director Zoe Vandermeer, at 917.838.1489 or  studioofvocalarts@gmail.com.
Several young students have pursued vocal and theatrical studies at well known colleges and universities in the US.   Seventeen year old Cathryn J. included a special 'thank you' on the back of her solo recital given in New York City in August 2015: 'I would like to thank Zoe Vandermeer for being such a wonderful and special teacher to me over the past five years. I came to you as a little girl who just wanted to be a "super star" and training with you has turned me into a young lady with greater aspirations. You have given me so much insight and taught me to believe in myself. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always believing in me and my talent and always supporting me over the years.'